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KILL la KILL - Elite Four


sailor moon graphic meme: [2/4] outers

↳haruka tenoh/sailor uranus

Let’s see…I’m not exactly sure what “ordinary” happiness would be, but I don’t think my current self is “abnormal.” What I am now is closest to my true self. That’s what I think. Haruka Tenoh, who fell in love with motor sports, can only live in this manner, no matter what she does. I have something more valuable than “ordinary” happiness.

i click play on an audio post

to listen to waluigis voice from a collection of games. i anticipate this fondly, glancing down, thereafter noticing i had unplugged my headphones from my computers speakers and into my phone instead a few minutes prior to this journey. in a panic i try to delay the audio post from playing full blast at 4am but it is too late. the sound of Waluigi shrieking WEE HEE HEE and EVERYBODY CHEATER! fills not only my bedroom, but my entire apartmen